1. Ideation

In this phase, we refine your idea into working mode. Our team start working on gathering the required data and validate your idea. Initially, after our research, we suggest our clients to start working on the product’s market compatibility and find out what will be the target audience for the product.


2. From Idea to MVP

After all the research and understanding of the product, we start creating a prototype, develop a process, and start building a team. For a minimum viable product (MVP), at this stage, we suggest our clients begin initial marketing of their product to drum up some word of mouth.

3. Quality Assurance

Our QA experts make sure that the product or software gets tested several times so that we can solve every possible bug and fix it before the product launch.


4. Feedback

All the changes and updates are made after the client’s or user’s feedback. We listen to user feedback and think of the best possible improvements. We never stop improving the product.

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